How to Use Your Phone to Capture Beautiful Images

This digital age has changed the way we experience life in so many ways and digital photography is no exception. Gone are the days when you waited on developing to see if a shot turned out. We are instantaneously provided with a preview that allows us to know what, if any, adjustments need to be made. Having a photo show up as soon as you hit the shutter release allows for amateurs to create amazing photos with a little trial and error. And now thanks to advancing technology, our phones provide a pretty decent camera and we traditionally bring it everywhere we go. All the lights and lenses in the world won’t do any good if they are at home when you want to capture a moment. To go beyond the ease and convenience of cell phone photography, we’ve compiled tips to improve the quality of the images taken.

Use Natural Light

Subjects tend to look better in natural light. It creates a soft and appealing light where using a flash, especially a direct flash like the ones used in cell phones, can create harsh shadows and unrealistic illumination.

Consider the Rule of Thirds

The idea is to imagine your image divided into thirds both vertically and horizontally and place points on interest at the intersecting lines where your viewers eyes will go naturally. A simple way to practice this is by turning on your cell phone camera’s grid lines. You can find this in your phone's camera settings. This will give you guidelines where you can easily see the intersecting points.

Focus on Your Subject

Once you’ve framed your shot, tap your phone’s screen to focus on the desired area. You will want to keep your phone still until after the photo has been captured.

Look for New Perspectives

Try looking up or down to create height or depth. Not only can this create an interesting composition it will make you look at your surroundings in a way you might not have noticed otherwise.

Find Interesting Compositions

Repetitive patterns and symmetry can create unique images. You can also look for leading lines, lines that draw your eyes to a particular point, or focus on small details like a raindrop on a leaf.

Get Close

Try to avoid using the zoom mode on your phone. It can create a grainy image. If possible move closer to your subject before framing your shot.

We hope that you have fun trying these tips. If you would like to chat about photography or how The Burnette Agency can grow your social media presence and brand awareness please e-mail at or call 404-850-2081