What Brands Should Avoid Doing on Social Media

Digital Marketing is fairly new to the business world, and not many companies know the correct way to market their brand on social media. Through data analysis and observations, social media teams have discovered a great method to use when building a social media presence for your brand.

Social media is a fantastic way to come in contact with potential customers who are normally out of your reach. Posting advertisements on your social media can help notify them about current sales and different promotions. After all, the average person is more likely to hear about a promotion from social media than by going in-store. Although, this does not mean a company should solely post advertisements. In fact, individuals are more likely to unfollow (or even block) an account that shoves promotions and ads in their face through a screen. Instead, a company should find a balance between advertising and lifestyle posting.

As we have discussed before on our blog, hashtag holidays are very important in increasing activity on your posts. In addition, hashtag holidays provide a relevance to posts, and post relevance is vital to a successful following. If your posts are not relevant then more people will want to unfollow your account. But if you keep up-to-date with trends and holidays, and post photographs relevant to your brand, then your posts will receive better interactions.

Timing is everything; this is true for posting on social media as well. By looking at your company’s analytics, you can discover what times are best for you to post in order to receive a greater amount of interaction. In addition to posting times, the frequency of posts is just as important. For instance, a company should not post too much because followers do not prefer their feeds to be overflowing with posts from just one company. Also, companies who do not post enough may be unfollowed because they seem quiet and insignificant. Posting once a day or once every other day is usually the perfect amount.

One last way to use social media for your business correctly is to connect and communicate with your followers. This means posting polls on your Instagram stories, replying to comments, and creating product contests. Make sure your followers feel seen and heard!

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