DaVinci’s Pizzeria came to The Burnette Agency to create a stronger look and feel for their brand, engage with the Metro Atlanta consumer and claim a stake in the Atlanta Pizza Industry. While the brand has been around for years, their lack of engagement and advertising across the community created a challenge when trying to build a stronger clientele.

Client: DaVinci's

Social Media, E-Mail Marketing, Photography, Website



Unlike so many brands, DaVinci’s does not care about the number of followers as much as they care about the authenticity of their brand. We started out focusing on the food, the people, the experience and the team but quickly learned, people mainly cared about the food.  Pairing well with the philosophy at DaVinci’s we were able to focus on food cutting out the noise of other topics to start and increase brand awareness by talking about the ingredients, quality and efficiency.

As the brand grows, we are starting to infiltrate more components of the good not best philosophy, show the personality of the brand and build a structure to engage with businesses they support and cater to.    


When we started with DaVinci's engagement was a big part of what we needed to overhaul.  They had no voice with their customers.  We noticed, the customers weren't leaving photos comment on their photos but they were tagging DaVinci's all of the time!  A large part of our job from the start was not just replying to people that were commenting on DaVinci's posts but those that were tagging themselves at one of the three DaVinci's locations.

Since our collaboration with DaVinci's, we've seen a 50% increase amongst the social media tags at DaVinci's and have increased their website traffic 5 - 10% month over month.



In an effort to build stronger brand awareness and compete with brands like Fellini’s, creating and ad presence was needed. Before our partnership, DaVinci’s rarely advertised online. Mainly focusing on mailers and ads in publications like the Red Plum, DaVinci’s was behind the times with their marketing techniques.


In Closing

In one year, we were able to increase the sales by 4% when the rest of the restaurant industry was down 4% - 8%.  We build their social media presence by more than X% and tripled the amount of online orders they received. From a social perspective, the brand may not have cared about how many likes they were receiving, but the comprehensive marketing plan truly helped to increased the bottom line of the brand.  


IG Follower Count When We Started: 422

IG Follower Count Currently: 3692