When looking to increase sales and social media engagement, FuzziBunz hired The Burnette Agency.
The CEO realized the brand was lacking emotion resulting in low website engagement, a halt in sales, and no real connection with their consumers.

Client: FuzziBunz

Social Media, E-Mail Marketing, Photography, Website 




The Burnette Agency strategy was to bring FuzziBunz products to life and give parents a forum to talk freely and openly about their cloth diaper and parenting journey.


  • Created IG Presence

  • Interacted with IG followers

  • Gathered User Generated Content

  • Increased Following From 1002-3269


  • Developed social media strategy

  • Created social media content calendar

  • Increased consumer engagement by 80%

  • Grew Followers from 41,629 to 53,042


When we started with FuzziBunz, we noticed there was engagement among moms but no replies or interaction from the brand. We wanted to make sure FuzziBunz social media was a forum for Mothers to connect, get advice, and have a safe place to talk about things that were happening with their families and children on a daily basis. Our team replied to all comments, came up with content ideas and created conversation points that helped to lead people back to the website, build blog points based on needs and help the brand to come up with exciting new ideas.  


Social Media ads played a large part in building awareness and generating traffic for FuzziBunz.  We were able to intrigue other moms with our ads and use ads as a first touch point in interacting with them. 



Through extensive research, feedback from customers, ads and strategic content, we were able to see a tremendous increase in sales within the first month. After taking the time to better understand what the customer was looking for, we tailored content to peak the interest of our specified target audience.  

We created a distinctive voice within the cloth diaper community that has helped the FuzziBunz brand continue to grow.


IG Follower Count When We Started: 898

IG Follower Count Currently: 5,003