Lewis and Sheron was our first Atlanta client and came to us needing help with their social media, advertising and email marketing. For more than 70 years, Lewis and Sheron has been the largest fabric store in the southeast and a go to Atlanta staple with cutting edge trends. But, their marketing efforts did not reflect the variety of designs and styles of the fabric or tell the story of the furniture and rugs the store carried.  Our job was to help the consumer build a more comprehensive picture of what Lewis and Sheron has to offer.

Client: Lewis and Sheron Textiles

Social Media, Public Relations, E-Mail Marketing Photography



New fabric arrives at Lewis and Sheron daily as they boast thousands of options. We decided to showcase new styles and discuss design tips and tricks by partnering with designers, showcasing home interiors and talking about the endless options of high-end furniture and rugs offered by Lewis and Sheron. Our team needed to take a fresh approach to their photography to showcase that all age groups with an interest in home decor could come and find what they needed.

Every month, our team takes pictures to provide a sense of excitement around new items and to showcase the quality of service and the quality of products you can expect at Lewis and Sheron.   

Facebook, Twitter Instagram and Pinterest are the main social media channels for Lewis and Sheron. The company has seen great growth on Instagram from a selling perspective as their Pinterest selling numbers increased almost 100% from 2016 to 2017.


Replying with Lewis and Sheron consumers is incredibly important.  We work to reply to every comment and have a direct contact at Lewis and Sheron for pricing of items when they aren’t available on the website. The growth in direct messages has increased approx. 45% in the last year after an almost 100% growth since we started two years ago when they were less active. 

Since we continue to work with the brand from year to year, we have a direct connection to online pricing and department heads when clients have questions we cannot answer.  However, we have full authority to answer all questions as we understand the brand, the tone and have a comprehensive understanding of what consumers will ask!



Lewis and Sheron has consistently boasted strong brand awareness through the interior design scene.  However, social media advertising was a road/venture less traveled. As we worked to revamp their brand, we also started running ads that have become incredibly beneficial.  


In Closing

The growth of social media and engagement has helped to build the  Lewis and Sheron social media account and sales through Pinterest. They continue to have a strong reach in Atlanta and are increasing their foot traffic.


IG Follower Count When We Started: 1,763

IG Follower Count Currently:  8,102