4 Design Tips to Help your Brand Stand Out

Having a visually cohesive brand image and stunning presentation is a must in 2016. Today, markets are so saturated with businesses selling similar products, so the defining factor is how you present yourselves to your target demographic.


1. Less is more (I promise!)

When creating a design (whether it’s an email, social media post, advertisement, packaging, etc.), minimalism is key! Think quality over quantity. So many people think of a canvas as precious real estate and want to cram as much content or as many photos possible into it, but that is doing more harm than good. Have one focal point, and add minimal text around it. Respect your customer’s time – in all honesty, they just are not going to read an entire paragraph on a website banner.  Be straight and to the point, and take advantage of negative space as it is a way to let your content breathe.



2. Develop your brand’s colors and stick to them.

What are your brand’s colors? Chances are, they are the colors within your logo, and maybe one other. (P.S. – you can always use black and white no matter what!) Use these colors and only these colors in your designs so that your collateral becomes easily recognizable to your brand and you create consistent content.



3. Use consistent typography.

This tip reflects the same as the above. Find out what your brand’s typefaces are (i.e., the ones in your logo, an accent typeface, and a simple serif or sans serif for copy) and make sure you are using them consistently across your collateral.



4. Create compelling imagery.

Is your photography showcasing your products or services in the best light possible? Can it compete with the beautiful imagery saturating Instagram and Pinterest? Stunning product photography can make or break a sale, and especially whether or not someone will follow you on social media. Plus, having the right photography can make creating ads, emails, web banners, and more a much easier task.


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