Why You Need A Website Before Investing In Social Media

Have you ever wondered if you need a website before you do a big push for your brand on social media? Our answer is YES. Starting a new business or creating a new product is exciting. But, it is smart to have all of your ducks in a row before going all out on your social media platforms.


Let’s say you build a social media page and create interest. Where do your customers go to learn more about your business? Where can they view a plethora of products? How do they get in contact with you or see what press have attained? Your social media sites can hit on some of those topics but your website is a digital footprint that is incredibly important and should be taken seriously before pushing out any brand.


You get one first impression so don’t mess it up. Potential customers look on social media to find information, but if they see you don’t have a website do you think they will really take you as seriously as you would like them to?


Make sure to have a website before you take things to the next level with social media. For more information or help with your website and social media, please email us at info@theburnettagency.com.