5 Free Stock Photo Sites We Love!

You have heard time and time again that it is important to have great images on your social media account. But you’re a start up. And you just don’t have the funds to have new compelling images for every day of the week.

So what are you to do?

You can’t just take photos from the Internet because you may risk getting sued. And the photos from the normal stock photos site don’t exactly fit the mold of what you’re looking for.

Lucky for you, there are a lot of people in the same situation. But, there are some really great photographers who provide high quality photos for free. Here are a few of our favorite stock photo sites that have a creative common license so you can use their photos without emptying your pockets!




This is our personal favorite. You can search different categories, which for our team is a must so we don’t have to peruse through hundreds of options. This is our  go to for hi-resolution photos as their 30 + albums provide us with a wide range of topics.




This site is also searchable, 100% free and requires no attribution for almost all of their photos. Pixabay has a great variety and they do a wonderful job of keeping the site updated with new photos that are easy to use.


Life of Pix


If you are looking for unique shots of nature, Life of Pix is for you. This site is also searchable and has a plethora of detailed shots that are free for personal and commercial use.


Start Up Stock Photos


Ever wondered how startups have such organized and beautiful shots of offices, individuals working and groups having team meetings on their brand new website? Us to! It’s called Start Up Stock Photos. Check it out! They have great photo options!


Death to the Stock Photo


The quality of the photos on this site are incredibly consistent. You can subscribe to receive 10 new photos each month that you can use for just about anything.   You can’t choose which photos you get. But if you stick with it long enough and save the photos you receive, you are bound to have an amazing library that will come in handy for future use.




Can’t wait for new photos every month? Unsplash will send you 10 new photos every 10 days. They also provide a wide variety of photos that range from nature, to close ups of delicacies to shots of a workspace. They are also incredibly consistent and all of their work is readily available for commercial use.


These are just our favorites, but there are many more.  For more information or for help with your social media services, please email us at info@theburnetteagency.com or contact us here.