Christine Moran: The Intern


My name is Christine Moran and I am pleased to say that I have finally acquired an internship! After a summer full of filling out internship applications and having interviews, The Burnette Agency took me under their wing and accepted me as an intern for Fall 2017. I was ready for a change after spending the last three years nannying for numerous families. Nannying was not my ideal occupation and I aspired to gain some insight into the Public Relations industry.

I love being a millennial. Generations prior to mine are quick to spew negative comments about the current era, however, I think they are jealous. Growing up in the 2000s has been an amazing experience, especially with the rise of the Internet. I have been obsessed with the World Wide Web from the young age of 7 years old, playing online games and exploring on Google, discovering and learning about the world. The older I became, the more intriguing the Internet world became to me as well as my peers. Social networking websites took over my life in middle school with the rise of Facebook. However, by my junior year of high school, I was switching between apps on my phone to keep up with the slew of notifications from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and many more. Social media has continued to ascend the social aspects of life and has become instilled in the business aspects of life.

Public relations has integrated with social media in order to improve the presence and perception of people and businesses. This facet of PR struck my interest about two years ago when I was struggling in my sophomore year of college, unsure of what I wanted to pursue.  Now that I am able to gain first-hand experience in PR through The Burnette Agency, I am excited to apply my knowledge and stimulate my creativity especially through clientele’s social media.

So far, I have been with The Burnette Agency for a week. Throughout these last seven days, I have already had numerous opportunities to express my ideas as well as obtain knowledge about the PR industry. My first Monday on the job was spent styling outfits to match shoes as well as modeling the shoes for Abbadabba’s Fall photoshoot and billboard! I am a fan of being both in front and behind the camera, so this was definitely an enjoyable first day. Later in the week, I attended my first creative team meeting with a new client who needed help with naming her business. I am extremely appreciative of a collaborative environment because everyone’s imagination is sparked and I love bouncing off other’s ideas. I have also assisted in creating Pinterest boards to find inspiration for clients’ Instagram pages as well as researching potential clients for the company. I am quite thrilled to continue learning and develop my skills! I am delighted to see where these next few weeks take me!