Tips for a Great Photo Shoot

Good photography communicates a lot. It tells your viewers that you take your image or brand seriously and want to show your best. Here at The Burnette Agency we value photography for ourselves and our clients. Our staff photographer and videography strive to bring our clients fresh and quality work. Together with our account coordinators they collaborate ideas and carefully plan the details for every shoot. Our pre-planning allows for shoots to run smoothly and efficiently so our clients can get back to their businesses as quickly as possible. If you have an upcoming shoot and wonder what steps you can take to ensure it’s a success we’ve compiled tips to help give you the best images possible.


Get a Good Night’s Rest

Photoshoots can be strenuous. Being well rested will help you look and feel your best.


Pay Attention to Details

While you don’t need to buy a new outfit or get a professional manicure grooming is noticeable in pictures. Clothes should be pressed, nails manicured, and hair brushed.


Pack a Bag

You may want to consider bringing a little bag with a compact mirror, brush, and chapstick to help you look your best. A water bottle and a small snack can also be helpful.


Tidy Up

If the shoot is taking place at your home, store, or office you may need to do a little decluttering. Make a quick sweep for extra boxes, brochures, and personal effects that you don’t want displayed in your images.


Talk About It

If you hired a good photographer his or her main goal should be to produce images you love. Take time to discuss the looks, and feel you are going for before the shoot takes place. Make sure to mention any props you want to use. Your photographer can use this information to plan a successful shoot.


Give Feedback

When you receive your proofs don’t hesitate to ask for changes to be made to an image. A lot can be done in post processing from cropping to changing colors. This will also help with future shoots as your photographer will learn your taste and style.


If you would like more tips on how to prepare for a photoshoot or would like to chat about photography e-mail us at or call 404-850-2081