What to Wear to a Photoshoot

When asked, “What should I wear to a photo shoot?”, there is no simple answer. Every photographer has his or her own opinion about what looks best in photographs, which can leave you questioning your wardrobe and wondering if these rules are worth following. Understanding that every photo shoot is as unique as the subjects and locations being captured, we put together some simple guidelines act as a springboard for your wardrobe choices.



First choose colors that complement rather than overwhelms your skin tone. Warmer skin tones look great in warmer colors. Some examples are reds, golden yellow, amber, olive, deeper turquoise, moss green and magenta. Cooler skin tones will look great in cooler colors like bright blue, emerald, deep purples, lavender, cerise, and bright rose. You may also want to consider where the image will go. If it is being used on a website or printed material think about the background and font colors and if your wardrobe would clash with the existing color scheme.



For the classic head shot simple clothing looks best. It allows the attention to remain on your eyes and smile. For lifestyle shoots layers can add visual interest and give you an opportunity to show your personality with the colors and textures you put together.



Wear something that fits well, is easy to move in, appropriate for the weather, and is otherwise comfortable. Wearing comfortable clothes will allow you to move into flattering poses and appear relaxed.



Complementing accessories are a great way to add interest to a photograph. Choose simple accessories that won't distract from but rather draw attention to your face.



When in doubt go for classic looks. This is especially true if the images will go on something permanent like a book jacket.



When being photographed in groups coordinate with the other group members to ensure your outfits make sense and look good together. You will want them to be the same level of dressiness and complementing colors.


Backgrounds and Locations

If you don’t already know where the pictures will be taken ask your photographer what colors you will get photographed in front of. Choose lighter colors if the background is darker and darker colors if the background is lighter. This will keep you from blending in and let the focus remain on you.



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