The Impact of an In-House Videographer

With the rise in popularity for video as a medium for online marketing, more and more companies are adding in-house video producers to their teams. Many companies are looking to add video content to their list of services for their clientele, however, for many companies, bringing video production in-house represents uncharted territory. It can be a  challenging decision to make because there is no one-size-fits-all practice for integrating video into a business strategy. And although each company's needs are unique, we have outlined why The Burnette Agency believes that having an in-house videographer is crucial to our overall success.


If you’re a videographer, as a creative you might cringe at the thought of working with the same company time after time. You would think that repetitive content would stagnant, but good videographers let the combination of security and consistency within their job fuel their creativity.


The constraints of working for a company can actually be helpful for creativity in a number of ways. The first constraint would be flexible deadlines. Working in-house consistently lets you work on your own deadlines (within reason), allowing you as a creative to focus on quality over quantity. Secondly, there's space to fail. Although we never plan to fail, when working with an agency the stakes aren't as high for experiments gone wrong. Additionally, experimentation within your craft is often easier and encouraged. For example, having certain details such as an audience demographic nailed down makes it easier to experiment with other aspects of your video.


As you work together more and more that means the videographer can develop a deeper understanding for your brand and mission of the business. So he or she can put there imprint on the company itself. A videographer who spends his or her days in-house is more likely to be spontaneous and record authentic video as things happen, instead of than trying to enter an environment for a short amount of time and figure out how to get the perfect spot.


From both a creative and a business standpoint, building a relationship through freelance projects is a great way to figure out if you're a fit for each other. On the other hand, you can also seek out a videographer through your usual hiring channels, and I presuming many companies will be adding more videographers to their rosters for years to come.


In conclusion, the employment of an in-house videographer might not make sense for every single company, but just as most of us think of in-house designers as necessary to a company's success, many businesses now see in-house videographers as critical members of the team. If you're creating video content regularly or want to ramp up your video production, an in-house videographer could be a good fit! If you’d like to learn more about the in-house videography services at The Burnette Agency or would like to add a video component to your social media feed, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Email The Burnette Agency at or give us a call at 404-850-2081.