The Lost Art of Photo Printing

In this digital age thinking about taking a roll of film into a photo lab to get developed seems archaic. In fact you may have noticed that it’s getting harder to even find a lab in your area. Like so many other things, photo development is now handled by the world wide web. But even with the ease of use, fewer and fewer of us are printing our photos. The ease and affordability of digital storage plays a huge role in this. While there is obvious benefit in cheap and easy storage there is also a downside. We rarely dust off these drives to look through these pictures so beautiful images and fond memories lay dormant on a drive. If you are inspired to fill a frame or an old school album we’ve compiled a list of online labs and photo settings for optimal results.

Photo Settings

Carefully frame your image. Cropping in post production will reduce the overall quality of an image. While this isn’t an issue with nicer digital cameras it will come into play with cell phone images. So take a shot, check to see if there is anything you’d like cropped out, then reshoot.

With this being said, don’t be afraid to print your cell phone pictures. While cell phones won’t deliver quality photos for poster sized images newer phones can deliver crisp images up to 8x10 inches.

Online Labs

There are several apps that allow you order prints directly from your phone. This is an excellent option for the super busy. If you have a few minutes you may want to consider ordering higher quality prints from a lab that offers a wider range of sizes and papers choices. We recommend Nations Photo Lab as a great place to start. They were voted the best for quality and and ease of use by The Wire Cutter. This vote came after extensive research and a blind test by photo gurus. Paper choices range from metallic and linen. They also deliver the images straight to your door in durable packaging minimizing shipping damage.

We hope you are encouraged to print your photos to share and enjoy. If you would like to chat about photography or how the Burnette Agency can help grow your brand awareness and social media presence please e-mail at or call 404-850-2081