Meet Our New Intern, Dominique Roth

There are endless reasons why I searched for a summer internship , but I will keep it concise! First and foremost, I crave experience. Every single day is a small challenge for myself to see how I can improve or excel in any area of my life. Since I haven't gotten into many courses for my major yet, I still want a sort of "in" with the career path I want to pursue. This is what led me to the internship at The Burnette Agency. I want to be able to leave this summer with experience working with clients and knowledge about how to work diligently and effectively in an agency. I especially want to have experience with communicating with clients and putting myself in their shoes so I can market their company and brand efficiently.

Secondly, I hope to be familiar with different programs. From day one I have already been exposed to new programs and apps to better communicate with the TBA team and clients, so I know these next few months I will be consistently learning.

Lastly, I would love to build connections with my coworkers and clients. Sometimes I tend to do things my own way and believe those ways are the most efficient, but during this internship I would really love to be shown different ways to approaching a task and different visions for a project. For instance, during photoshoots I usually have a plan of what the end product will look like, but I want to know others’ ideas and thoughts so that the final piece is a combination of different perspectives.

Overall, I believe the underlying goal for my internship with The Burnette Agency is to learn by experiencing and doing hands-on projects. I am motivated by knowledge during school and work, so I hope that during my time interning I will learn not only professional and technical skills, but also life skills.