Live Streaming Dominates the Social Media World

Live streaming and live videos began in 2011 with the streaming app YouNow. Then, in 2014, we saw the launch of Snapchat, and society couldn’t get enough of it. It grew even bigger when Facebook launched Facebook live to all of its users in April 2016 and now, some brands consider this as the most essential and successful marketing tool of 2018.


Currently in the social media world, 80% of customers would rather watch live videos than other social media content types (according to a MO Agency article). Another Facebook article revealed that their audience spends 3x more time watching live stream videos, and are ten times more likely to comment on the video. Interestingly enough, live streaming appeals to all ages. Some statistics show that people involved with this live streaming phenomena range from 13 to 55 years old. It is accessible to everyone old and young!


It may seem like a strange way to communicate with your audience, but customers love it. According to Yahoo’s “Tune In To The Live Video Opportunity” (2016) report, the audience is drawn to the feeling of immediacy and connection that comes with live streaming. These days, customers demand transparency and authenticity, and live streaming provides just that with its raw and untouched footage. Audiences can connect and reach out to the brand by providing instant feedback and sometimes even participate in the video content or conversation. So far, live streaming is the only tool that can humanize their brand in a way that no other medium can.


The possibilities with live streaming are endless! Whether you want to stream a tutorial, show exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, or do a Q&A with your audience, live streaming will help you do that! If you would like to talk more about live streaming videos, let’s chat! Contact us today! We would love to hear from you.