5 Signs It's Time To Rebrand

Your Logo No Longer Meets Your Needs

Businesses evolve and grow - so should your logo. New growth for your business may not always reflect in your current branding. If you’ve outgrown your logo, feel it’s too outdated, or it doesn’t encompass what your company is about, a logo refresh could be just what you need.

You Don’t Love Your Logo Anymore

Outdated color choices and font families can leave you uninspired and embarrassed to show off your business. If you’re hesitant to pass out your business cards, or you send people to your website knowing it needs to be updated - it’s time for a rebrand! Contact us to work together on a logo and website you love.

You’re Trying To Target a New Audience

Now, more than ever, aesthetics and branding matter. Outdated branding makes it hard to attract top talent and connect with a younger audience. A branding and marketing update allows you to redefine yourself with a new audience in mind and can launch you into the next phase of your business.  

Your Branding is Not All Encompassing

As businesses grow, many add to and refine the services they offer. As a result, their branding can struggle to keep up. A rebrand can bring together all parts of your business into a unified brand narrative.  Refocusing your image, collateral, and copy can make a lasting impact on potential clients and provide a clear story for your business.

Your Business Model Has Changed

As market opportunities or changes come along, businesses adapt and sometimes, even business models change. If your goals are not what they were when you started your business your branding may not be an honest representation of your end goal. Your branding should align with your core values and how you want to be perceived.

There are many reasons your brand might need a refresh. If you find that any of these apply and you’re wondering if it’s time to rebrand - contact us today for a complimentary consultation!