4 Tips For Giving Your Designer Feedback

Feedback is essential to the design process and can ensure a design that represents your vision. Figuring out how to give feedback isn’t always easy so we’ve put together 4 tips for giving your designer feedback!

Make It Timely

Make your feedback, positive or not, timely. Providing your designer feedback in a timely manner will make for a smoother design process. If you’re not loving a font selection for a logo - speak up as soon as you can. Your designer doesn’t want to advance a project only to find out their client doesn’t love an integral part of the design. Save yourself and your designer the trouble of going back to make changes by giving timely feedback.

Reinforce, Redirect, or Both

Feedback falls into two categories, that which reinforces and that which redirects. If you’re loving the direction of a design concept - let your designer know! This reinforces the work they are doing and ensures you get more work you love. If a design isn’t your favorite or doesn’t fit your brand vision, provide that feedback in order to redirect a project and ensure you love the final product.

Be Clear and Specific

Not liking a graphic - just say so! Not the right shade of a color - let them know. Is the design overall too bold or not bold enough? When giving your designer feedback be clear and specific. Sit with design and try to figure out what you don't like about it - if you still can't put your finger on it, your designer will ask questions to get a better idea of your likes and dislikes. Pinpoint specific elements of design and avoid using broad language to describe what you want. The more specific you are, the better your designer can understand what it is you want.

Ask Questions

If there are certain colors, images, or design elements you want to be included, let your designer know. There are certain colors that won't go well together or elements that may contradict each other. A good designer will let you know if something is not possible for and be able to guide you to a happy compromise.

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