5 Social Media Content Writing Tips

Generating engagement for your social media posts is becoming progressively harder as a result of the ever-changing social platform algorithms. Applying some simple writing tips can make your message more appealing to your audience. 

When you invest your money and time into posting on social media, of course, you want to see a good return on your investment; that return should include both meeting and exceeding the goals you’ve put in place for each platform. However, if you post without a social media strategy, you might not accomplish the goals you’ve put into place. 

Though having a plan specific to your business goals is crucial to your success, creating content your audience can identify with is equally important. 

Here are five social media content writing tips to help you gain the attention of your audience and inspire engagement. 

1. Do your research

More relevance means more success. In order to get your audience to engage with your posts, you need to make them relevant to your target group. Steps to understanding your audience include researching general demographics or developing content to help your audience overcome obstacles, challenges or needs they might have. 

2. Develop your voice

The overall message should be written in your ‘brand’ voice: the personality and emotion infused into your activities and social interactions online. This voice is created with the language and tone you use when writing your content or interacting with your audience and can be influenced by your company’s personality and the language used by your target demographic. 

3. Keep it short and simple

If you want to get the attention of your audience, it needs to show you value their time. Great ways to do this include using headings whenever possible to make your posts easier to scan, keeping paragraphs to a maximum of two or three sentences and being as concise as possible when writing your captions. 

4. Use images and videos 

Visual content is more engaging, so use images, graphics, and videos to tell a story whenever you can. These can also tell a story quicker than words alone, and can often stand in place of a social media post while still getting your full message across to your audience. 

5. Add a call to action

Towards the end of your social post, prompt your audience with what you’d like them to do next by including a call to action. Without one your audience may not take action after reading your content, even if they enjoyed it. CTA’s come in different forms and can have different purposes. Here are some examples that could motivate your audience:

  • Ask them to like or share your content

  • Ask a question they can answer in the comments

  • Direct them to your website

By applying these writing tips to your content, you’re bound to improve audience engagement!

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