How to Set up ‘Click to Call’ Ads on Facebook

There are many campaign objective types, but it isn’t always easy to create an ad unit specifically meant to encourage users to give your business a call. Google has this power - why shouldn’t Facebook Advertisers?

How Do ‘Click to Call’ Ads Work?

Though you can create a ‘Click to Call’ ad, it doesn’t mean Facebook is optimizing ad delivery to people who typically click the ‘Call’ button. The system is trying to show your ad to the maximum amount of people possible, which means that it actually optimizes for reach. 

Here’s how to set up a ‘Click to Call’ ad on Facebook in 3 simple steps:

1. Access Facebook Ad Manager and click ‘set up a new campaign.’ Make sure to choose reach as your campaign objective. 

2. Apply your desired targeting at the ‘Ad Set’ Level and continue down the page. Under ‘Placements’ be sure you select all mobile and placements (people are not able to call you from their desktop computers). 

3. At this point you will create your add as usual, but under the ‘Reach’ campaign objective, you have the choice of adding a URL to your post. This opens up the ‘Call To Action’ buttons. Here, you will select ‘Call’ and add your business phone number. 

Now when users see your ad in the mobile feed, on both Facebook and/or Instagram, they will be able to directly call your business directly using only a couple of taps. ‘Click to Call’ ads are a great idea; Especially for businesses that know they gain the most sales by talking to a customer on the phone. 

As previously stated, with this technique Facebook won’t necessarily optimize delivery of your ad to users who are likely to call you, but it will be optimized for maximum reach. Consider ‘Click to Call’ ads as you are optimizing your ad targeting in the future. 

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