Facebook Will Remove Certain Business Page Info Sections as of August

Facebook is set to remove certain business page information sections. The change will include prompts that encourage page administrators to move this information into other sections. 

The following sections will be removed from your business page’s listing options:

  • Company overview

  • Biography

  • Mission

  • Affiliation

  • Personal Interests

The likelihood of these particular sections being read is low, so Facebook removing them to streamline company page listings makes sense! However, having more data on this platform can help it match users with the right information. 

A potential reason for the change is the company is trying to get rid of any needless information in order to put any potential tracking and targeting issues to rest. 

The value of these sections is actually based on your approach. Do you think it’s necessary for people to see your personal interests on your business page? Is your biography just a rewording of your page description? It might be. If you’ve described your business and what it does in the page description section, (which is where important info about your page should go), then the mission section is just a variant of the same. Along with these, the ‘Affiliation’ and ‘Personal Interests’ sections might not be relevant to your business or add additional understanding. 

When taking these points into perspective, the removals seem reasonable. It’s another element to remember in your marketing approach, which may lead you to reevaluate your business’s Facebook page description and make sure it accurately represents your business. 

The changes are scheduled to take place in August. 

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