Your Next Post in Mind

Curating an Instagram feed is no simple task. How do companies keep up with a seamless feed? How do they make their posts flow so well? The answer is they always have their next post in mind.

The goal is to have individual posts look independently stunning, and coincide well with other posts also. To do this, you must think ahead! For instance, if you are going to post a very “busy” looking picture, then plan for your next post to be simple yet still significant.

Here is an example of a well curated feed: Heather Day Instagram

This artist, Heather Day, separates light, dark, colorful, busy, and simple pictures so her feed if more put together. We see this with many business accounts as well. For instance, Madewell does the same with their feed.

We can all take notes from these successful social media accounts and begin planning our next posts. Read our blog and follow us on social media to learn more!