Two Questions To Ask Yourself Before Your Brand Joins Snapchat

Should Your Brand Be On Snapchat Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps and one of the fastest growing of 2015. But is the app right fit for your brand? This app allows users to take videos and pictures that only display on your screen for a limited amount of time. Some brands have found creative ways to use the app to reach their audience but trust us when we say, this app is not for everyone. Here are the two questions we think are the most important to ask yourself or your team before making Snapchat a part of your marketing campaign.

1. Does My Audience Use Snapchat?

The Who: Snapchat is extremely popular among millenials with 71% of users being under the age of 25. If your audience is this generation, then Snapchat might just be an option for you. With no real data or metrics to see how much individuals are engaging with your brand, knowing that out of 100 million users each month, the majority of them will be your target demographic, is pretty strong. Make sure that you understand your audience and that more importantly, it fits the demographic that is using Snapchat.

The Where: North America, has the highest percentage of Snapchat usage. If your product is only available in Australia, Snapchat may not be the most strategic move.

Understanding the who and where of your target audience is important when deciding if Snapchat is right for your brand.

2. Is my brand/product visual enough for Snapchat?

Make sure that your brand is visual or personal enough for Snapchat. Snapchat is about telling a story or showing what is happening in the moment. Many brands have created ways to infiltrate Snapchat into very specific campaigns. The NBA successfully announced Kevin Durant as the league’s MVP and NARS announced their new collection. Both were genius ways to use Snapchat to reach a specific audience. If your brand is not very visual or doesn’t have ways to engage an audience with quick tidbits of videos throughout the day, week or month, don’t spend a ton of time on Snapchat.

Snapchat is rapidly growing with more than 1 billion stories being viewed per day and 400 million snaps sent per day. Its an exciting feature that more brands are starting to use, but don’t force it. Focus on social platforms that will work for you.

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