Do You Think Your Brand Is Wasting Time On The Wrong Social Platforms?


Wasting Time On Social Media Time and time again, we hear companies say that they are having a hard time keeping up with all of their social media channels. They’ve been told, that it is critical for their brand to be on every social media platform available.

We couldn’t disagree more.

Trying to be social everywhere can be a disaster. Sure, if you have a dedicated team that is solely focused on managing your social media sites and can strategically and effectively handle each platform, then the idea of social ubiquity is appealing. But even still, is it the right step for your brand?

When trying to decide which social platforms to be on, ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Are your potential clients on this social network? - This should be the first and arguably the only question you ask yourself or your team when choosing if a social platform is right for your brand. If the goal is to connect with clients and increase revenue, what is the point of being on a social platform if your audience is not there? You will be wasting time and money existing on a platform that will not be able to show you any return on your investment.
  1. Is your brand a good fit for this particular platform? - If you are a diaper company, trying to connect with moms and sell diapers, are you really going to invest in funneling content, photos and the latest discounts on a LinkedIn page? No. You have to understand what each social platform has to offer and if you can strategically use it in your social media marketing strategy. If not, it is okay say that a particular platform may not be the best fit for your brand, and move on.

You can’t be everything to everyone and you shouldn’t try to be.  Invest on the social platforms that are the right fit for your brand!

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