How to Optimize Your Tweets

The number of people who join and use Twitter on a daily basis has slowly become idle over the past year. To counteract this, the platform has added features such as polling followers, finding popular GIFs, and Twitter Moments, yet Twitter is still finding user-friendliness a persistent issue.

To confront this matter, Twitter decided to alter the rules of its 140 character count. Many of the changes made are ones users, including us, have wanted for for some time.

Let’s see what exactly these changes are, and how we can maximize the updated 140 character-count!


Replying to Users

A significant change we love is user handles no longer counting towards the character count. Though we believe this should have been in place from the beginning, it is better late than never. When replying to more than one user or a user with a long handle, we can now get our messages across without having to abbreviate the text or tweet multiple times.

Though multiple handles are allowed without counting, there is a limit to this rule. Twitter only allows up to fifty handles to be included. But, we think that is more than fair.


Including Media

Besides Twitter handles, media attachments such as GIF’s, photos, quote tweets, polls or videos no longer count towards character count. Originally, they counted as 24 of the 140 characters. This may not seem like much, but when it comes to Twitter, every character counts!

In a blog, Twitter explained the reason they waived this rule was to promote a more seamless conversation style between users. Thanks to the extra 24 characters, our conversations on Twitter are wonderful.


The “.@”

Before this rule was altered, those who wanted to tweet at someone, and have their audience see it as well would have to put a period before the handle. Now, Twitter gives users the ability for their tweet to be seen broadly even when the person’s handle is written without a period in front of it.  This also contributes to the purpose of created smoother conversations between users, and allows for anyone to add their two cents.


Retweet/Quoting Yourself

You may be asking, “Who would want this?” But, the ability to retweet or quote your own account was created for users who wish to add a new reflection to their thoughts, or would like the tweet to reappear on their timeline again.


With the 140 character count finally being true to its name, we hope these changes have allowed for Twitter to maximize user’s experience and communication. For latest on all things social media and public relations, follow us on Twitter!


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