Email Marketing is Not Dead

Over the past few days, several potential clients have asked me the same question. “Is e-mail marketing dead?” The short answer is no - definitely not! And it won’t be going anywhere for a really, really long time. E-mail marketing is still the main source of communication for companies and consumers alike. It is an easy way to alert customers of your happenings and latest deals. However, companies are frustrated by the lack of response they receive from consumers.

Here are 4 tips for more successful e-mail marketing:


1. Catchy Subject Line

We all know what it’s like to open up your inbox to 40 new messages - 30 of which are promotions from your favorite brands. But for most, the brand name isn’t enough to get us to open the e-mail. Make sure that your subject line is one that will make people want to open it.

Instead of “Check out our weekly deal,” try “75% off? You don’t want to miss this...” Give people a reason to open your e-mail. Numbers catch the eye, so they’re always a quick helper.


2. Creative Content

Not all e-mails have exclusive deals for their consumers, which makes the need for creative content even more necessary. You can have a catchy subject line but what’s the use if the reader won’t even get through the second line of your e-mail? The content must be creatively compelling for your readers. Attention spans these days are incredibly short. Make sure they want to read this e-mail and every e-mail you send afterwards!


3. A/B Testing

Testing to see what results work best are key in optimizing your e-mail marketing campaigns. A/B testing is putting two different versions of something in front of your target audience. Send out the same e-mail with different subject lines at the same time and see which one produces the best result. Make sure you test with a purpose. Is it the amount of opens, the amount of people that follow a link, or an increase in sales? A/B testing can help you better understand your audience and provide them with the content they want to see and will actually open.


4. Mobile Friendly

Everything is mobile these days. Don’t miss out on engaging your customers because they can’t read your e-mails on their mobile phones or tablets. There are several email-marketing companies that will provide you with templates that look great on both computer and mobile screens. Think about investing in Constant Contact or MailChimp to create your e-mail campaigns and ensure mobile optimization.


When done right, e-mail campaigns can yield amazing results.


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