4 Rules for Great Social Media

Social media is a vital part of any business. However, without a dedicated team, it can easily become neglected. Unmonitored social media can lead to missing customer feedback, inability to track your online growth, and an overall lack of brand awareness.

Whether you decide as a business to hire dedicated public relations and social media experts to manage your social media, or choose to do it on your own, great content is a vital part of success.

Here are 4 rules to maintain successful social media accounts!


1. Have a Dedicated Social Media Manager (Team)

It is crucial to have someone keep up with your social media accounts. Consumers are online at all times, and a comment, question, or review posted may need to be addressed quickly.

Not only does a committed social media team provide a positive online customer service experience, but they can make sure that your accounts are focused on appropriately relating to your target audience.  People want to feel like they are connected to something that is relevant to their lifestyle, so involving daily work routines or products in conversations revolving around trending topics is an excellent way to promote brand awareness and generate engagement.


2. Engage With Your Customers

Whether someone is commenting on your posts or tagging you in photos, it is imperative that you engage with your customers.  When a customer takes the time to engage with your brand you should be dedicated to responding back to them, liking their photos, and/or letting them know that you appreciate their engagement.


3. Keep Calm & Respond

We all know there can be some very obnoxious people on the internet.  But, that does not mean your business should stoop to their level. It is important to act as professional as possible when responding to unruly customers.

If someone is being rude, or unruly, our rule of thumb is to take 30 minutes to calm down before we respond. Then, we take it a step further by having a co-worker or friend read the response to ensure that nothing is posted out of anger. Once we’ve reached out to the customer publicly, we do the same thing privately so that the situation can be discussed in further detail.

If a social media manager does not respond in a calm, helpful way, it can reflect poorly on the business, and prevent any forward progress you may be able to make with the customer.


4. Post Regularly

With the previous rules about engagement and keeping a solutions-oriented attitude in mind, it is also very important to keep your business page up-to-date with new products, deals, and other content users will be interested in.

But, be careful. As mentioned in the first rule, online audiences want more than sales pitches in their newsfeeds. Posting content such as blogs from other experts in your field adds credibility to your brand, and invites those businesses to collaborate with you.

There are many challenges that arise when it comes to managing social media, but with the right team, and a few helpful tips, any brand can be socially successful!


If you find yourself struggling with social media content or are looking for help with your current communications efforts, The Burnette Agency offers a passionate team focused on helping your company build brand awareness and increase revenue. 
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