3 Reasons Your Content Isn't Being Shared

Why Isn’t Anyone Sharing My Content?


When it comes to producing content, the most challenging part is making it engaging. Companies are always trying to figure out why some posts get more likes, comments, and shares than others, but there is no easy answer to this question.

Though sharing is not thought of as likes or comments, it is just as valuable an asset to have. By looking at the amount of shares your content gets, elements such as the strength of your brand, credibility of your content, and your search engine optimization (SEO) can be observed, and describe the relationship social media users have with your business, brand, etc.


Why are people not sharing? Here are a few reasons that might explain why….


No Easy Way to Share


If someone cannot figure out how to easily share your content, chances are they won’t go out of their way to find out how. Make sure any buttons that will allow the reader to share the post, picture, video, etc. is easily accessible and clearly visible. It may seem like a simple solution, but you would be surprised how easily the share button can be ignored.  


Try having shareable buttons at the top and bottom of your posts so fans or interested parties will see the appropriate icons they need to share quickly and easily. When designing how your content will look online, make sure a share button is clearly visible for your audience to see so they know how to pass on the information. If your audience has to search for a way to share the content, then they will not do it.   


Your Content is Not Considered Valuable


When we say this, we mean your audience does not find your content relatable to them or the people they associate with.

The New York Times conducted a study which found the majority of participants considered the usefulness of the content they share with their audience before posting it. This only strengthens the idea that consumers want to see content allows them to connect with the company and with one another.  This is a critical thought to have when creating your content and measuring it’s shareable qualities.


Find Your Audience


Content experience, or the platforms where you share content publicly, have a strong effect on the popularity of the content. Simply put, if the content is presented to an audience that is not interested in the subject, then the audience will not be motivated to share the content.


To avoid this, assess your audience and their interests. Content can be presented in various ways to motivate users to share it with others.  Try to think of the most compelling and creative way to share your content in an effort to see better results.


Getting people to share your content is never easy, but knowing these three can effect your content, you will be able to take steps to increase the amount of shares your content receives.  For more about social media and PR follow us on our accounts!