3 Design Tips for Successful Email Marketing

No matter what industry your business is in, email marketing has become a vital part of growth. It allows you to let customers know about new arrivals, sales, and to just keep them engaged and aware of your brand. But how do you know if your customers will be receptive to your emails? We’ve rounded up our top 3 graphic design tips to help you with your email campaigns!


1. Develop a consistent style.

The best rule you can follow when it comes to email marketing is to make sure every email follows a cohesive brand style. Try to use similar color schemes and photography styles. Always make sure to include your logo at the top of every email, as well as a social footer so your customers can easily follow you on their favorite platforms!


2. Keep it simple.

You may want to fill your e-blasts with as many images, design elements, or text as possible, but don’t! It overwhelms the email and the core content and message can get lost. Let your design breathe! Also, try to use bright, open imagery with negative space to overlay your text so the email feels cohesive.


3. Use eye-catching imagery.

Imagery is what makes the email; unfortunately, most customers aren’t going to take the time to fully read the text on an e-blast, so the image needs to catch their eye and convey your message. Always make sure you are using high resolution images that are clear and never grainy – this simple rule can instantly elevate your consumer’s perception of you and also highlights your products better!


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