We'll Miss You, Vine!


This past week, Vine released the news that it will no longer be continued as a social media platform. Though we are heart-broken by this news, we are choosing to celebrate the timeline of Vine.


Throughout its first few years, Vine remained in the iTunes Top 100 apps section, and even grew to 200 million users last October! But recently, Vine has been struggling. Though there are no official numbers, a former Twitter executive told Buzzfeed that numbers are steadily declining.


From what we’ve gathered even though Vine was able to create an app people loved and gave brands the ability to showcase their products, they were unable to build and maintain their audience organically.


Vine’s blog stated that any further updates will be posted on their Twitter account, but so far there has been no word. So, until it is gone for good, , we will continue to enjoy what remains of Vine.