A Young Professional's Guide to Social Media

While growing up in a social media immersed society, I never fully grasped how one’s social media profile could determine how people perceive them. As I matured and entered college, I realized a social media account linked to your name can make or break your potential to become employed or gain opportunities in general. “Creeping” on a profile has become an actual task performed before hiring an employee or even going on a date with someone. Maintaining professionalism through social media is vital to one’s potential success. Consider these 3 steps to avoid being perceived in a negative light especially within a business environment:

1. Avoid Profane Language

Be sure to stick to appropriate language and stay away from curse words you would not dare to say around your grandmother. Many people believe that cursing is a sign of ignorance, therefore, use substitute words such as “darn” or “heck.” Even though prudish, substitution words are no fun, proper language reserves one’s sense of sophistication. You want people to take you seriously and value your words, so leave the profanity at home or at the sports bar!

2. Protect Your Reputation

If you want to have a wild side on social media,it is best to have separate accounts with one for professional reasons and another for personal matters. Having two accounts allows you to maintain your professionalism without your personal life overshadowing your business life. Go crazy on your personal page and post those Throwback Thursday pictures from last Mardi Gras, however, keep that page on private to ensure the threshold between your  business and personal life is unconnected.

3. Do Not Post Inappropriate Pictures

Never post inappropriate pictures of yourself nor unsolicited photos of your employers. Even if the picture of “Todd” blacked out under the Christmas tree at the annual company Christmas brings laughter, do not click that upload button! Instead, post pictures that you want to reflect your professionalism in the workplace. Remember, you are a walking embodiment of the company regardless of if you are at your desk or not. You represent your hard work, and sometimes photos can give employers the wrong idea about your work ethic and motivation.

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