How to Attract People to Your LinkedIn

Often times, we underestimate the power of LinkedIn. It may not be considered the ‘it’ social media platform like Instagram or Facebook. However, LinkedIn is not for off-the-clock networking; it is designed to assist you in your professional life, which could potentially open doors leading to an interview or possibly a job opportunity. Therefore, it is important to maintain and to keep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date! 

If you are having trouble updating your profile, here are a few tips that can help attract more people to your LinkedIn page.

  1. Appealing Photo

It is extremely common for people to associate a quality profile picture with possessing good qualities such as honesty, compassion, and intelligence. A headshot should be taken professionally. When a photo is taken professionally, LinkedIn suggests that users are 9 times more likely to be requested to connect as well as 21 times more likely to have their profile viewed. Therefore, selfies are not an ideal profile picture nor are full body photos. Also, wearing appropriate clothing plays a huge role in how a fellow professional perceives you. Avoid wearing a hat, sunglasses, and unprofessional clothing when taking a photo for your LinkedIn profile. You want to ensure that you are making eye contact with the camera and that your face is fully visible.

  1. Complimenting

When people receive a compliment, they are more likely to return the flattery. With that being said, if you want people attract people to your page, interact with their posts. Like a person’s status or perhaps an article they wrote; it will inform them that you find interest in what their interests and could potentially help you gain more connections. Along with liking, be sure to comment on the article, post, or status.

Engaging with your connections could start a meaningful conversation, which could be a start to a new, professional relationship that could benefit your career. Most importantly, sending a customized message when requesting a connection will separate you from other requesters. Adding a thoughtful message is a form of complimenting and adds value to your request.

  1. Join Groups

There are various types of groups that can be joined on LinkedIn. Joining one that relates to your occupation allows you to connect with others in your field. For example, if you are in the Public Relations Industry, it would be wise of you to join the Public Relations and Communications Professionals group. Within LinkedIn groups, you can share content that others might find interesting. By posting an article, status, or poll, you are taking matters into your own hands and putting yourself out there. Those who engage with your posts will most likely send a connection request as well.

By polishing your profile along with interacting more with other LinkedIn users, you can begin to open doors that could assist you in your career goals. Apply these tips to your page and you are guaranteed to have an increase in traffic and connections!  

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