Move Over Macro-Influencers

Social media influencers like the Kardashian family are a company’s marketing dream. However, numerous businesses are beginning to veer away from celebrities to promote their products on social media. Micro-influencers are becoming the ideal marketing tool for businesses as opposed to macro-influencers. But, what is the difference between the two?

A micro-influencer tends to have a following ranging from 2,000-90,000 people as opposed to macro-influences, who have a higher following of 100,000 to over a million. One would think that an A-list celebrity would be an excellent way of bringing light to a product and increasing sales. However, studies have shown that micro-influencers show more success in product promotion due to their smaller following. They typically drive their followers to sharing, commenting, saving Instagram posts, pinning on Pinterest, and purchasing the actual product, thus creating a growth in revenue.

If your company desires to shift its marketing strategies, consider these pros on working with micro-influencers who could potentially impact your brand:

  1. Relatable and Attainable

Due to their lower following, micro-influencers seem more real to their followers than celebrities. At times, celebrities seem out of reach to their fans, but micro-influencers are far more interactive. Micro-influencers tend to engage with their followers and interact with them on a weekly or sometimes daily basis. Due to their relatability, their followers are more likely to consider their opinion on products they promote and perhaps purchase them.

  1. Niche Audiences

Typically, micro-influencers have an audience that are interested in what the micro-influencer posts about. For example, if the micro-influencer enjoys yoga as well as eating vegan, their following is most likely going to be fellow yogis and vegans. Therefore, if a company offers a service or product that relates to that lifestyle, they will be inclined to contact that micro-influencer in order to reach out to their target audience. Micro-influencers differ in celebrities when pertaining to niche audiences because celebrities are well-known and possess followers who come from various walks of life. A micro-influencer provides a company with access to their desired market.

  1. Honest Opinions

Micro-influencers are perceived as real people which can lead others to believe that they are trustworthy. Micro-influencers usually have a loyal following who closely observe their lives which creates somewhat of an online trust. Unlike celebrities, micro-influencers do not get paid millions of dollars to promote a product that could possibly be bogus. They usually promote products they genuinely enjoy and are excited to advertise. Their followers value their word, so they are less inclined to be deceitful when promoting a product.

If your company is seeking a more cost-efficient marketing tactic, micro-influencers are a cheaper alternative to macro. They can serve as a mediator between you and your target audience, which could perhaps generate a boost in sales. Micro-influencers could potentially be the next best thing for your company!

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