Our Favorite Photos and Why We Love Them

Our Favorite Photos and Why We Love Them

Art is very subjective. What one person views as a masterpiece can leave another wondering what anyone sees in it. As a photographer I’ve noticed a trend. The photos we love are appreciated for a few main reasons.

Technically Good

These images are composed and exposed by the fundamental rules of photography. They can be beautiful and creative or simply capture the subject in a realistic way. These images are often used in documenting events that require a high level of detail like a medical procedure or museum collections.


While not a requirement, artistic images can break the traditional rules of photography and untraditionally frame, blur, and over or under expose an image. They are often conceptual and cause the viewer to stop and consider the subject and are often what we see framed as art.

They Capture a Moment in Time

These are images of births, weddings, family reunions, parties and everyday life we want to remember for years to come. These photos are used to show friends and tell stories. They don’t necessarily need to have any other qualities. If they aren’t perfect for any reason it doesn't matter since their purpose is first to show real life.

Evoke Emotion

When you look at these pictures you are drawn into the stories they tell and feel any number of emotions. These images are great for bringing social awareness to an issue.

Some of the best images are a combination of the above mentioned qualities. A picture taken to capture a moment in time that is also artistically executed and evokes emotion has the potential to go on your list of all time favorite shots. Consider these elements and how you can combine them the next time you go to take a picture.

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