Four Ways To Organically Grow Your Instagram Following

Oh, the infamous Instagram. With over 200 million active users, it’s no wonder that the social media app is all the hype nowadays. It’s addictive, free, fun to use, great for socializing, and most importantly, it’s a great outlet for businesses to connect with their customers. Not only does having a large Instagram following mean more sales for your business, but it also means more foot traffic in your store and website. But how do you boost your following? We have four tips that can—and will—help you grow your Instagram followers!

1, What Does Your Audience Like?

It’s time to do a little research. Go back through your current photos and see which ones have the most likes or bests reactions from your audience/customers. Ask yourself these important questions: What did your audience relate to? Why did they choose to like this picture over the one you posted yesterday? How can you incorporate similar photos into your feed? When you start to see a pattern, it becomes much easier to come up with a strategy on what to post next!

2, Share Images That Fit Your Business’s Color Story & Aesthetic.

This is where you should become really selective when planning out future content for your Instagram account. As a business, you should have an awareness for visually appealing images that portray your company’s voice and story. It goes beyond just graphics and logos. You want to present the product you’re selling in a way that your current customers and/or potential customers can relate to. This is where a moodboard and inspiration board comes in handy!

3, Captions Are Just As Important As The Image.

Spending as much time on your captions as you do on images is vital if you want your follower count to grow. While a large part of a brand is visual, a huge amount of it is identified through the tone of the caption. You want to give them something they can fall in love with! Keeping things short and sincere will make your Instagram posts personable and authentic—no one likes to follow a brand that just repeats pricing and descriptions from your website.

4, Hashtags Are Your Best Friends.
While we don’t encourage small businesses to go overboard with hashtags on every Instagram post, we do suggest utilizing as many relevant ones as you can. Hashtags are incredibly helpful for growing a following. If you’re looking to add 10-15 hashtags to your post, don’t stuff them into the description of your photo. Instead, add them to a comment underneath the same post! That way, your caption won’t be flooded with popular words that relate to your business!