Sizing your Images for Social Media

Sizing your Images for Social Media

You planned and executed the perfect shot. The lighting focus and framing are all to your taste and you’re ready to share it with friends, family, and followers on social media. There is only one problem. When you go to upload it on the intended site your image is cropped or distorted to fit in the site’s template. Don’t settle for a grainy image or let the cropping throw off your composition. We’ve created a guide for you to follow when preparing images for social media.

Zoom Out

When setting up the shot zoom out or step back to include more in your frame. This will allow space to manivone when it comes time to crop and will prevent you from losing a part of the image you would prefer to keep.


For optimal results know the dimensions the image will get cropped to and save it accordingly in the image processing software of your choice. This allows you to set both the ratio and resolution so you won’t have to compromise on quality later.

Know the Particulars

Every social media platform has it’s own formatting guidelines and these often change. Here is a list of current size guidelines for some of our favorite sites. All sizes are in pixels.


Profile Image 180x180

Cover Photo 828x315

Shared Image 1200x630


Profile 110x110

Tip - The profile image is a circle. For optimal cropping save your image with a 1x1 ratio with plenty of space around your subject so you don’t have to cut off an important part of your image for it to fit into a circle.

Images 1080x1080


Profile Image 165x165

Board Display 222x150

Small Thumbnail 55x55

Google Plus

Profile Image 250x250

Like Instagram, profile images on Google Plus are circles. For optimal cropping save your image to a 1x1 ratio with plenty of space around your subject.

Cover Photo 1080x608

Shared Image 497x279


Profile Image 400x400

For brands the Hero Image is 974x330

and the Banner Image is 646x220

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