Make Your Infographics Readable for Mobile Devices

Some people say less is more - quite true when it comes to infographics. Infographics take an array of information and consolidates it into creative, easy-to-read images for users. However, there's a tendency to create them while only considering their readability for computers.

So, here are a few ways to make infographics mobile-friendly:

1) Individualize It

- Break up the infographic into portions and diversify the sizes of those individual portions. Doing this makes the infographic easily readable and simpler to process for the user without him/her needing to scroll around the page so much.

2) Be Big. Be Bold... Literally.

- Enlarge the key points you feel users need to take away from your infographic. They could be statistics, fun facts - anything. Users came to your infographic to learn something, so instead of making them search up and down a block of unorganized text, put it right in their faces.

3) Imagery, But Not Too Much

- This one's a bit tricky and requires some intuition. Remember: Less is more. Adding images assists in conveying your message and bringing the content of your infographic to life. BUT, understand they are supplementary. In other words, don't let your images dominate the text.

4) Use Colors

- Using the right colors help get your message across. We recommend keeping your color scheme to 2 - at most 3 - coats. Use brighter colors on the important facts and illustrations on your infographic.

5) Sharing is Caring

- You want people to read your infographic, but you should also want those people to be able to share it with their peers. So, include a social media bar on the infographic's webpage!

We hope our advice gives you extra insight the next time you're charged with creating an infographic. Feel free to give us some feedback and add any other suggestions!