Tips for Working With Models

Photoshoots can be enjoyable for everyone involved, especially if you're working with a model who responds well to instructions! However, models aren't merely props to be bent and twisted without a second thought - They're still human beings.

So, to ensure the positive vibes in your next photoshoot don't dissipate, here are 3 guidelines to follow when working with models.

1) Ensure They Know EVERYTHING They're In For

- During the prepping phases, sit down with your model(s) and thoroughly explain to them what you're expecting of them in the shoot: What they'll be modeling, where the setting will be, how long it will take, etc. Don't forget to talk about boundaries, too! Ask them what they are okay with doing and not doing, then adjust from there.

2) Be Mindful Where You Touch Them

- This one's a bit of a no-brainer but nonetheless vital to discuss. As stated previously, models are not mannequins. If, say, a model isn't responding well to verbal instructions regarding a pose and you want to literally move them into that position, kindly ask if you can place your hand "there" first, particularly when the scenario involves a private area.

3) Keep Your Word

- Similar to #1, your responsibility as the photoshoot coordinator includes communicating everything you will do for the model. If you said you will pay the model a certain amount, pay it. If you told them the photoshoot would end at 12 o'clock, guess what? You don't delay the shoot for another hour. Nothing aggravates models more than when they feel tricked.

We hope you enjoy these quick tips and encourage you to keep them in mind the next time you or your agency books a photoshoot. Let us know what you think and leave a comment below!