5 Big No-No's When Writing Email Campaigns

Email: Virtually every company uses it for anything you can imagine. One of those uses is launching campaigns to disperse valuable information on specific topics. Well, before you send out your next email campaign, take a look at our list of things to avoid:

1) Don't Use Too Many Words

- This is the first thing you learned during your college writing class, so make sure you're email is readable. Say what you have to say, but say it clearly and concisely. (People's attention spans shrink year after year.)

2) Don't Demand Too Many Calls To Action

- The goal of any email campaign is to convince people to ACT. However, asking them to do an overwhelming amount leaves your recipients confused, then frustrated and ultimately could likely lead them to not act at all.

3) Don't Talk About You

- Remember: Your email should thoroughly explain how whatever your providing will solve their problems/concerns. If they wanted to know more about you or your company, that's what your website is for.

4) Don't Put Only 1 Giant Image

- There are a few reasons why you ought to avoid this but mainly because if the email doesn't load completely, the imagine wont appear. Thus, your message isn't as clear as it could've been. Add a few images here and there instead.

5) Don't Make Subscribing Difficult

- This, along with users using your product and service, is the ultimate goal. Keep the subscription process simple, so that means not asking for too much information in the required fields to the point of scaring folks off. You need their email address, and the rest is icing on top.

We hope these tips aid you in making your next email campaign the best one yet! Leave us a comment below to tell us what you think!