Meet our new intern, Gracie Beak.

I am so excited to be interning at The Burnette Agency! Because this is my first internship, I'm eager to see how an agency runs, and look at the different departments that make up the team as a whole.


I’m going into the second year of my major, so I am still determining my strengths and weaknesses. I have always been good at communicating, so I am looking forward to talking with clients and discussing their wants and needs for their brand. I find it really exciting when a person and I connect or can see the same point of view, and build ideas off of that, so I’m excited to collaborate with people and also embrace challenges of working with clients that have unclear or challenging needs. I also love the creative side of social media. I have a lot of ideas that could be useful for this agency, so I’m excited to share those. I have a big interest in social media (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) and I try to keep up with trends that I see when I am going through my feed.


I look forward to helping clients define a theme for their brand (like the work we did today). Doing creative work is really interesting and fun to me, but I am also open to whatever work the agency has to offer. I would love to expand my knowledge and see what else I could excel at so I can use those skills for my future career. I really am just excited to learn what working in this industry is like, and from there, determine what my strengths and weaknesses are.


Overall, I hope I get a full learning experience of what an agency is like, and look forward on sharpening my real-life and interpersonal skills throughout the summer.