Analyzing Instagram's Algorithm

If you have been an avid Instagram user for quite some time, you probably have noticed you aren’t seeing as many posts from all of the accounts you follow. Instagram’s algorithm has changed, and thus, the posts you see now are based off of the accounts and posts you have expressed a liking for in the past.

Many Instagram users are confused or do not like the new algorithm, but if you dive deeper into its process, it makes sense. Making sure your feed matches your preferences, the new algorithm is broken into three basic categories: interest, timeliness, and relationship.

The “interest” category is why your Instagram feed is consistent and occasionally matches the aesthetic of pictures you like. Instagram’s system filters through posts of the accounts you follow, and then determines which posts you will favor based on similar posts you have engaged with in the past.

Before the algorithm, you might have missed an opportunity to see/like a post because the feed was chronological. The “timeliness” section of the algorithm makes sure you do not miss out on seeing posts that you would potentially like.

A major factor in the new algorithm is the relationships you have with other accounts. For instance, if you like or comment on an account’s posts you are more likely to see all of their posts on your feed. Instagram is--after all--an interactive and social application, so the more you interact with an account, the more you will see their posts.

Overall, Instagram’s algorithm is built to benefit your social experience. Each of the algorithm categories helps bring you posts and accounts that you may like, making your feed adapted to your preferences and aesthetic.

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