The Importance of Visual Hierarchy

  Whether you are a physical business looking to generate more foot traffic to your location, or an e-commerce business looking for more website traffic or social media followers, graphic design is an essential part of any and all marketing strategies. Through print materials, advertisements, e-blasts, website graphics, social graphics, and more, you are using visual design to communicate both a message and your overall brand to your current and potential customers.

But how can you make sure that your message is easily received by a viewer, and does not get lost in translation? Visual hierarchy is vital for successful and efficient graphic design. Essentially, visual hierarchy refers to the overall layout of a design and the way in which certain elements, whether that be text, images, or graphics, are displayed and work together to convey the overall message.

I always like to think of visual hierarchy in groups of three: 1) the main, introductory elements/overall message, 2) the supporting elements, and 3) the call to action.

Let’s apply this method in terms of an e-blast. You are going to want to catch the viewer’s attention from the first moment they open your email as attention rates when it comes to promotional e-mails can be short. This means the first part of your email layout holds the highest level in terms of visual hierarchy and should have the most captivating imagery. In my designs, this usually means a lifestyle-based photograph featuring the product or service with a concise headline.

Next, I introduce the supporting elements, which are often additional images, copywriting, and product information that complement and support the main message, product and overall aesthetic.

The final element will be the call to action, which is usually a ‘shop now’ button that leads the viewer to the corresponding website page featuring the product or collection you are promoting. This button should be large enough so that it is easily visible and easily clickable, especially in terms of mobile viewing.

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