Companies with #SocialMediaGoals

Utilizing social media is vital for businesses, but it sometimes is difficult to know what to do on your business’ account. If you are searching for companies who do social media the right way, look no further. These five businesses have created a perfect example on how companies should handle social media.


1) Anthropologie:

Selling apparel, home goods, and much more, Anthropologie is able to reach multiple areas of the market. Although, Anthropologie does not solely post items they sell, and because of this, the Instagram account thrives. The vibrant account posts travel, lifestyle, and home/kitchen content; Anthro does not focus solely on apparel, but incorporates more into their feed so as to have a broader reach to their followers. Businesses should take this tip from Anthro and post content beyond their products or services!


2) Nike:

Featuring popular athletes, Nike’s Instagram account is inspirational to all. What better way to advertise a brand than by having successful, well-known athletes share their stories and wear Nike apparel on social media? Athletes searching for great athletic gear want to know their purchase is supported by the best, and Nike helps their customers realize this by collaborating with the greatest athletes. The takeaway from Nike’s social media is to have brand ambassadors love and endorse your products or services.


3) Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams:

Sweet treats are always popular, but Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams are especially popular on Instagram. Scoops, waffle cones, pints, and recipes are just a handful of what you can find on Jeni’s account. The aesthetic of bold colors pairs perfectly with the personality of this unique ice cream company. One aspect that every business can take away from this account is their use of Instagram stories. Jeni’s features their different flavors, special events, how-to’s, and much more on their stories; doing this ultimately connects them with their customers and followers!


4) Tesla Motors:

No one would have thought a motor brand could be as well known as Tesla Motors. Creating powerful, electric motors, Tesla has shared their products and craft with the world through their Instagram account. Tesla truly makes engineering and motor design seem luxurious and fun. Not many people get to interact with a motor company, so their social media reaches a somewhat untouched area. With over 4.6 million followers, Tesla creates more and more avid advocates every day.


5) Magnolia:

From HGTV to the Silos, Chip and Joanna Gaines have created a major following of their life, style, and design. Their brand, Magnolia, is tied to their market, realty, design, bakery, etc. Staying up-to-date with everything they do is easy because of social media. Highlighting new recipes, fine products sold in the market, or unique designs, Magnolia’s Instagram account is the perfect bridge to the Gaines’ life. The account touches every area of their businesses.


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