Feed Aesthetics

Do you ever scroll through Instagram, come across a really cool looking account, and think to yourself “why can’t my Instagram feed look as aesthetically satisfying as that person’s?” Well, here at The Burnette Agency, we make sure to create aesthetically pleasing feeds for every single client we have, so we are here to share some advice on feed aesthetics!

Primarily, you need to brainstorm and figure out what kind of “vibe” or aesthetic fits your style. There are many to choose from, for instance: black and white, colorful, muted, bright, dark, crisp, etc. After choosing an overall aesthetic for your feed, you can begin looking at similar accounts and then form your own spin on the aesthetic.

Once you are set on a personal aesthetic, choosing a specific filter to use consistently is the next step. By using a single filter for each of your posts, your feed will look uniform because it will have the same tone and color scheme. Even if you cannot decide on one filter, it is important to use filters that are similar to one another. For example, if you use a filter with cooler and darker tones, stick to filters that have those same characteristics.

Next, we must have order! A vital aspect of a good looking feed is the order of photographs. When posting pictures to Instagram, make sure each photograph plays well off of the last one. For instance, if you post a selfie then your next post should not be another selfie. Space out your feed by posting different styled pictures! You can use apps like “UNUM” or “Preview” that help you plan and visually place potential posts.

To maintain a beautiful feed, you should stick to posting pictures that fit your aesthetic well. Posting a black and white photograph would be abnormal for accounts that are normally colorful, and this would throw off the aesthetic they were trying to achieve. Instead, try and keep your posts consistent. Alas, this does not necessarily mean your feed should only consist of similar photos, that would be mundane! Make sure to mix up your feed by incorporating different styled pictures that go with your aesthetic.

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