New Client Alert: Intown Salt Room

New client alert! We are excited to partner with Intown Salt Room to help expand their wellness pass program to businesses across the Metro Atlanta area. 

Are you looking for a way to get away from the daily noise, clear your mind and restore your balance? Intown Salt Room is the only stand-alone facility to offer two different experiences, dry salt therapy and meditation with sound therapy inside Atlanta’s perimeter!

The owner, Carrie Wright, decided to open the salt room to give people a much-needed break from their everyday lives, and one of their offerings includes wellness passes for  businesses. Because work life can get stressful for employees sometimes just need a brain break, Intown Salt Room is the perfect escape for your team to  unplug. Dry salt therapy helps to alleviate stress, anxiety, and fatigue,  and naturally helps boost the immune system. “As a result of seeking a healthy way to relax and help manage stress, I discovered salt rooms,” Carrie Wright said. “Personally, even though I lived a healthy lifestyle, exercised and tried to balance work and life, I needed a place where I could go sit and just breathe. Then I found myself enjoying all these other amazing and natural health benefits that came with dry salt therapy.”

Wright finds joy in helping others experience the same relaxing benefits that she found when she herself started salt therapy. And Atlanta is better for it!

We are so excited to work with this unique business and help them expand their wellness pass program! Both the dry salt therapy and meditation with sound therapy sessions include 30 minutes where you simply sit in a zero gravity chair, relax to calming music and breath.