The new ipad pro for photography workflow

Power, size, and portability are what come to mind when I think of the new iPad pro. One of the biggest updates this year for the new iPad Pro is that they come with an insanely fast A12X Bionic chip that has the ability to outperform even some of Apple’s own laptops.

The iPad Pro now offers up to 1 TB of storage, and a USB Type-C port that allows plugging in most types of accessories and devices, and a very compact/lightweight footprint. Getting your photos and videos off your SD card is as simple as a laptop or desktop computer. Just plug in the lightning to SD card reader and upload your files onto the Camera Roll. It isn't just the hardware that received a huge boost. With iOS 11, there's now a file browser on the iPad's OS that allows you to move the imported photos into specific folders in your iCloud, Dropbox, or Drive. Once you've imported your photos and videos from your SD card, you can arrange them how you'd like, start up Lightroom and your photos will be ready to edit.

The iPad Pro is a more than capable powerful editing machine. But here's the real question... do you need it?

The iPad Pro makes sense if you have high demand clients who need to see the photos immediately, work through the edits, and pull their selects as soon as the shoot is over. On the other hand, a big part of its appeal is how easy and fun the whole setup is. The lightweight iPad Pro means you can shoot, intensely edit, and post all while on the go. It also means you can easily browse or share your photos with friends and family on a big, gorgeous screen. While I'd happily recommend the iPad Pro for professional and hobbyist photographers who are often on the go, you aren't held back without it.

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