Four Photo Styling Trends We’re Loving


Shadow Play

Photography trends are moving away from the crisp, clean, perfectly lit flat lays that gained popularity over the years and opting for a more organic, scene setting direction. Photographers are playing with soft light and harsh shadows to create a more organic and imperfect shot. Many brands are adopting this style of product photography in 2019 and we can't wait to see how it evolves.



This shot utilizes layering and geometry to create an appealing scene. The layers create depth and visual interest in the photo. Notice how they also layer textures not just the objects. The powder juxtaposing the stone and wood adds another layer of depth to this image. Don’t be afraid to experiment and use different objects and textures to create eye-catching images.



One exciting trend in photography is a multimedia approach. When you mix well-lit product photography with custom illustrations the possibilities are endless! Custom illustrations can be used to let viewers know what ingredients make up a product as with the photo above or can be used to highlight features of a product. We love this approach to photo styling and are excited to offer it to our clients!



Translucence is a photography trend that is really taking off. Here the stylist uses glass or acrylic styling blocks to create an airy and suspended feel to the image. They also employ one of the trends we discuss earlier by layering the acrylic blocks to create depth in the image.

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