Top Three Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Followers

If someone tells you, you need to buy followers to grow your business, run don’t walk away from them. Buying followers is an easy way to instantly boost your follower count. Whether you are looking to finally reach 10,000 followers so you can utilize the swipe up option in stories or just want to make your brand look better, buying followers isn't the answer. Keep reading to learn about our top three reasons why buying followers is not good for your brand.

  1. Low Engagement - When you purchase followers, there will be a blissful period when your bots will be incredibly active on your page. They will leave sweet comments, immediately like all of your pictures, and maybe even get their bot friends to follow suit.  But this is incredibly short-lived. For a few weeks, you will reap the benefits, and during that time, it will be glorious. But after about two weeks, this will stop. You will be left with 10,000 plus followers and have 10 people liking your posts. This does not look good for your brand and will eventually alert individuals that you indeed, purchased followers.

  2. You Ruin Your Reputation - Social media is about authenticity and connecting with an audience interested in your brand or similar topics. When you buy followers, you are essentially saying, my content is not exciting enough or engaging enough to get people to follow my page.  Try to practice patience here and use data to figure out what intrigues your audience and get creative with the content you create.

  3. It’s Actually Against The Rules - For all of you rule followers out there, buying followers is against the terms and conditions for almost all social media platforms. When you go against the rules, you can easily be banned for having fake followers. Losing access to your account is not worth it.  

These are just a few reasons why we don’t recommend buying followers. If you are looking to build a stronger brand, we would love to help!  Visit our website or give us a call at 404.850.2081 and we would love to see how we can help!