How Advancements in Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Public Relations

Our world is entirely different from what it was years ago. Development in technology has altered the way we live our lives. For example, artificial intelligence (AI) has reconstructed the way we share information and accomplish our goals. If machines are replacing jobs held by humans and Uber is developing self-driving cars, what can we expect next from AI?

AI is bound to have a remarkable impact on the public relations industry. Will the effect be a decrease in jobs, or will it enhance performance? The president and CMO of a successful marketing technology company, John Bara, believes that AI will be beneficial to the PR industry. 

"AI will help the PR industry better understand readership’s core attributes," Bara explained. "Consider it a digital DNA, not unlike 23andMe for human DNA."

AI will allow PR companies to process their data at a faster speed, which will refine the way their services are performed. With a more distinct insight on what consumers want, the messages being delivered will be relevant, stronger, and more direct. PR professionals can create unique messages for their audiences if given a better understanding of digital DNA. If advertising is targeted specifically to an individual consumer in real-time, it’s more likely to produce higher results.

"What many people don’t know is that artificial intelligence is already affecting what news we are shown on our Facebook feeds and via news recommendations," says Bara. "The reality is, the news we are getting is becoming tailored to us. Therefore, we have a less-balanced point of view," continues Bara.

When you see messages and images that are tailored to your interests, you are more likely to interact with ads that correspond with your thoughts and opinions. AI shouldn't be feared by PR companies because it will improve their output. 

How can faster and more informed decisions that drive results be made by PR professionals? AI has the power to produce changes that will affect decision making by providing the most in-depth and complete look at how to solve problems. 

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