3 Tips to Help Improve Your Connection with Relevant Brand Influencers

Influencers are becoming more selective with what brands they’d like to partner with. For brands, this means that access to top talent is becoming increasingly smaller.

The top reasons influencers turn down marketers include: 

  • The influencer wasn’t passionate about the product or service

  • The influencer didn’t feel like they were a good fit for the brand

  • The influencer was already involved with a competing brand

To avoid rejection, brands and marketers need to make more strategic decisions on how they reach out to influencers. Check out these tips that will help brands maximize their influencer marketing efforts. 

1. Make it Personal: Tailor your Outreach

There have been many instances where brands and marketers reach out to creatives using the same impersonal templates over and over. Some creators have called out brands by name for doing so. If you tailor your messaging to a specific creator and personalize your outreach, brands can achieve more success by connecting with influencers that match their brand values. 

2. Establish a Shared Value Proposition

The monetary aspect is important to influencers because essentially, they are running a business. However, brands can provide other things besides payment that will get the attention of top influencers. Take a more specific approach towards what you’re offering the creator. What role can you give them that will introduce them to a wider audience and increase their brand awareness?

3. Your Influencers Should Mirror Your Brand and Its Values

Influencers are interested in brands that are representative of their personal values. If it’s not an authentic offer, creatives are likely to call out any partnerships. Take a look at your brand’s social commitments and values, and search for influencers that match those. 

If brands and marketers want to have a thriving business relationship with influencers, their going to have to create a respectful and mutually beneficial relationship from the start. The key to accomplishing this is to consider influencers and their business in the same way you work to promote your brand. 

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