7 Powerful Website Optimization Strategies to Rapidly Grow Your Business

Looking for new ways to improve your website so you can grow your business? 

Check out these 7 website growth tactic tips:

1. Get on the first page of Google with content and SEO

75% of people never scroll past the first page in Google search results. With this in mind, your business needs to align with keywords that your customers search for. How is this done? Create content that will receive back links from authority sites, and your website will receive higher search engine rankings. 

2. Use authority sculpting to boost website pages

With authority sculpting, you can send authority from one page to another. This process is done through internal linking. What are the benefits of authority sculpting? Organic search to your business page increases by 250%. Be sure the internal links you create are relevant to your brand, or it could end up hurting your business. 

3. Maximize reach by leveraging the right third-party audiences

You can gain new customers by finding influencers who have the audience you want, then utilize that audience to build your own. There is a 6-1 return on investment from influencer marketing. This third party audience can be reached through guest blogging, social media mentions, and partnerships.  

4. Skyrocket word-of-mouth with two-sided referrals

A two-sided referral is when the referrer and a friend both get rewarded for participating. When two-sided referrals are used, it means both people are mutually benefited, while the likelihood of participation and other referrals increases. 

5. Use sales-focused content to increase close rates

Content marketing does two things:  increases brand awareness and makes the purchasing decision easier for the customer. When your business creates things like product videos, spec sheets and FAQ’s, people are more likely to buy because your brand is delivering content. 

6. Use email marketing to automate sales

Why is email marketing so effective? When you automate your lead, it creates a consistent stream of targeted emails that can strengthen results. Every $1 spent on email marketing has an average return of $44. 

7. Identify top converting channels using analytics

50% of businesses find it difficult to connect revenue results directly to marketing. There are analytic tools that can solve this problem when you analyze your marketing channels. You can identify what channels perform the best, then make adjustments. 

If you want to gain more customers and increase your revenue, implement these strategies into your business!

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